Denzel - SMLGVY001

Denzel is a staple of the Helsinki nightlife scene, a DJ at the infamous Kaiku and now co-founder of the hottest spot in town, Post Bar. When not making people dance every weekend he produces music influenced by everything from his roots to the kebab shop below his apartment. Which he of course never visits because he is into intermittent fasting, which he claims gives better focus and helps his creativity. And from the tunes he is making, we can’t disagree.

When you add to a gene pool the qualities of a strong but historically suppressed Acholi tribe of Northern Uganda and the natural comic sense of Mid-Western Finns, you might end up with a quirky bio-combo like Denzel. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude Denzel combines speech samples from his Acholi grandmother’s funeral with solitude sonics from the wee hours of his life, revealing a page from a personal audio diary.